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Adopt a Mediterranean Diet for PCOS with Dr. Basma Faris

A 7 day immersive program designed to help women with PCOS adopt a Mediterranean Diet. Learn 5 easy easy home cooked meals that are affordable and culturally relevant from an Obgyn and Culinary Medicine Specialist. Get daily strategies, tips and live Q+A sessions with Dr. Faris.

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March 26th, 2022


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Live workshops + Recorded


PCOS Management rooted in science

Rich in fiber and low in refined carbs, the Mediterranean Diet has been show to improve PCOS symptoms in multiple studies.

Obgyn, Nutritionist and Culinary Medicine Specialist, Dr. Basma Faris takes her 20 years of experience to create this one-of-a-kind program.

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What you’ll learn in this course

5 Easy & Healthy Mediterranean Recipes

Taught through live cook-a-longs and on-demand videos, you will master everything from soups and side-dishes to fish and shrimp. Emerge a stronger and more confident cook -- no matter your PCOS type.

Special Bonus: Sample Diet Plan, Grocery Shopping List

Expert content on PCOS from a leading Obgyn

Ask questions, clarify concerns and get credible content on managing PCOS from a leading Obgyn. Replace unreliable internet searches with research-backed information.

Special Bonus: Office hours & Personalized Feedback from Dr. Faris

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Dr. Basma Faris

Dr. Basma Faris, MD is a Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. She also has two nutrition degrees and a Culinary Medicine certification that allows her to teach nutrition at a high level.

Master the ultimate food toolkit for PCOS

Learn how to make tasty, healthy food at home in under 7 days. A win-win!

Learn the benefits of eating a Med Diet on PCOS and disease prevention

Shop from a special grocery list designed for your mediterranean diet

Get live feedback from Dr. Faris on your progress through the program

Master different Mediterranean recipes and learn how to adapt them to your food heritage

Get access to a network of other women with PCOS and share your wins

Use our Med Diet Score sheet to reach your food goals and get a sample meal plan

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Course plan

Over seven days of live workshops and bonus on-demand content, Dr. Faris will help you adopt a Mediterranean Diet for your PCOS.

Pre-class: Kickoff with Dr. Faris

Getting started is difficult so we make the start of every cohort a special event. Join Dr. Faris for an epic kick-off event where ... she shows you how to use your dashboard, community features and help you set up for success. Dr. Faris will introduce 2 easy recipes to get you started! Read more

Day 1 | Med Diet and PCOS -- Food shopping [LIVE]

In the first class, Dr. Faris will teach you the benefits of Med Diet on PCOS and share her Med Diet grocery list. She will also give you a sample weekly meal plan for inspiration.

Day 2 | Med Diet Scoring sheet + Recipe: Red Lentil Soup

In this class, Dr. Faris will teach you how to use the Med Diet Score sheet to reach your goals and share a recipe for a tasty Red Lentil Soup.

Day 3 | Office hours -- Eliminating “inflammatory foods” [LIVE]

Dr. Faris will answer questions and give you feedback on how you are doing so far. She will answer the common question: do you need to avoid dairy and gluten?

Day 4 | Recipe: Seco De Pollo

In this class, you will learn a recipe that uses South American flavors but still fits in your Mediterranean Diet Plan.

Day 5 | Recipe: Shrimp and Chickpeas

Learn a quick weeknight recipe that will impress with its Spanish flavors

Day 6 | Recipe: Tabouleh

Learn a classic Middle Eastern side dish that you can eat any day of the week!

Day 7 | Fish cook along and wrap up [LIVE]

In this final workshop, learn an easy fish recipe and summarize what you have accomplished over the week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This has been designed as a seven day program to fit in everything of value. The workshops are at-most one hour long and the rest of the days you'll be getting access to on-demand content that you can consume on your own pace.

We highly recommend attending all workshops for the optimal program experience. If you miss a workshop, however, you will get access to the recording.

Yes! will also learn how to choose appropriate foods even if cooked by others.

No. PCOS is a chronic disease that cannot be cured. You can however make dietary and lifestyle interventions that help you manage your symptoms and take back control of your health.

Yes, but some recipes are not applicable as seafood is part of the Mediterranean Diet.

No this course is for informational purposes. Taking this course does not constitute a physician-patient relationship.

For any program related queries, you can email Dr. Faris on bsfaris@gmail.com. If you need support around enrollment or payment, email support@tussle.fit

Great question! Hit the "Reserve Seat" button on this page and fill out some basic details. After that you'll be asked to create an account and make your payment.
We recommend using your desktop for the best experience.

Open this course page on your desktop or laptop browser and proceed with payment. If you experience any issues while paying, email us on support@tussle.fit and we'll help you out!

The Mediterranean Diet has been shown in multiple studies to improve PCOS as well as improve the drivers of PCOS. Insulin resitance and chronic inflammation are the drivers of PCOS. The Mediterranean diet which is high in fiber and low in refined carbohydrates is effective at treating insulin resitance. The Mediterranean diet is rich in anti-oxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients which are effective in treating inflammation. It is not the only diet that addresses these two concerns but it is easy to adopt, has very little downside, can be consumed by almost anyone and is full of delicious foods.

Learn easy mediterranean recipes for managing your PCOS

Live cook-alongs with Dr. Faris

Grocery List + Sample Meal Plan for Inspiration

Private Community for participants

Expert Q+A plus live feedback sessions

Expert content on the link between nutrition + PCOS

On-demand recipe videos and workshop recordings

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